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Reliable Penguin Rules

Note: This is not a sponsored review. I recently needed to upgrade my CentOS server and Plesk Panel and hired them to do it because I had worked with them before and knew they were good. They scheduled a middle-of-the-night upgrade to minimize the impact of the website downtime, were careful with my data and required virtually no direction from me. They did all this for less than $200 and I figured I should at least let people know about my good experience.

As far as the price goes they will give you a quote up-front based on your needs. They have always come in under what they have quoted me but I recognize that a lot of things can go wrong with a server migration. At least with RP I know they will treat me fairly and only charge me for the time they spend on my project.

How I met Reliable Penguin
I host quite a few websites (several hundred) for myself and friends on a dedicated server. Most of the sites don't get a lot of traffic but a few of them receive several thousand unique visitors every day. A few years ago I kept all of my sites on a VPS but eventually became frustrated when my virtual neighbors did things that required a server restart (knocking my sites down for a few minutes).

Eventually I had enough traffic to justify a dedicated server. I decided to use Rackspace since their full-service model would allow me to focus on my websites themselves rather than keeping them up. Migrating to Rackspace, though, was more of a pain than I thought it would be and I asked my sales rep if Rackspace would assist me with migration. They recommended that I call Reliable Penguin.

My first experience
I immediately liked Reliable Penguin because they were so responsive to every question that I have. They were also able to speak to me on my level which was important because other consultants I have talked to (and Rackspace) assumed I knew a lot more about web hosting than I actually knew.

When I requested a late-night move because I didn't want my websites going down they replied that it was no problem (actually they might have even been the ones who recommended this). I was surprised how smooth the process was and how reasonable their price was although I can't remember now how much that first move cost.

Helped me with a move to Godaddy also
I was with Rackspace for a few years and was happy with their service but ultimately the price for what I was getting just seemed too high. I spec'ed out a much better server with Godaddy and moved a few sites to it. The drawback with Godaddy is that the service isn't nearly as good as what I got with Rackspace but for the price difference I could afford to hire help as frequently as needed and still come out ahead. Reliable Penguin helped me make this move and again, everything was great. Late-night move, very little downtime and everything worked as expected with the exception of a few DNS-related issues which were my fault.

And that brings me to my most recent experience with Reliable Penguin where I had them upgrade my server OS and Plesk Panel. I was planning on staying up late with the recent update so I was available if they had any questions for me but somehow I forgot. I was pleasantly surprised to wake up in the morning to an upgraded server (along with emails throughout the night keeping me apprised of the status of the server).

I have only worked with them on Linux-based web server stuff but I can't imagine another consultant offering a better value.

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