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Sewell Minideck

I use a Sewell Minideck every day at work. I have a 24" monitor on my desk, but my desktop doesn't have two video ports. Instead of adding another card (which would mean I would have to open the computer, install it and then hope the drivers didn't conflict with each other), I just installed the included software, plugged in the adapter and the monitor magically appeared.

I have found the Minideck to be really valuable at home where I use Mac computers - you typically don't have the luxury of being able to add additional monitors beyond 2 with a Mac. With the Minideck you can add up to 6 external monitors. This is awesome for managing email, spreadsheets, research and more without having to constantly close and open windows.

I'm not a gamer, but one of the complaints that I have heard is that the Minideck is not ideal for gaming. It does now support DirectX (again, I'm not a gamer so I'm not 100% sure what that means), but it still isn't ideal with very graphic intensive games.

There are a few USB to DVI solutions available, by the way, and some even have the DisplayLink chipset (the magic that makes this thing work). We specifically engineered the Minideck, however, to work at the highest resolutions (it will drive up to a 24" monitor at native resolution), support the most operating systems and provide the highest overall value than any other device out there. I love the Minideck and highly recommend it.

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